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What is almirah?

A free- Standing cupboard or wardrobe.

Where to keep according to Vastu?

NORTH WEST : Ideal for Bedroom.

NORTH EAST : Ideal for guest Bedroom

South EAST : Ideal for Study Room.

South West :Ideal for master Bedroom.

bedroom direction

which one is better Wood Almirah or Steel Almirah?

Modular Wardrobes
Powder Coated Wallfixing Almirah
  • wood almirah gives a Vintage & Royal elegance
  • wood Almirah have Mobility ,Easy to Move.
  • Wood acts as a better absorbent.
  • Keeps content inside away from foul smell
  • Creates a sense of natural world indoors
  • Vast range of colors & tones of wood.
  • Steel Almirah Stand for Utility
  • Steel Almirah is Unshakable part of households
  • Changing fashion demand
  • Termites don't eat up steels
  • Better durability
  • Lower cost
Naresh safe factory is one of the prominent manufacturer of customised made to order Steel Almirah manufacturer and is their Wood products brand.